Rap Radar on Juan Epstein

  • KurtNiceHHL

    Everybody on here ended up looking bad. Mainstream formula Ebro explained is whack as hell. Radio caters to ppl who listen for 11 min. 2 or 3 times a day? 24 hrs of music catered to ppl who listen for a total of 33 min. Whack. Rap Radar never got the point across that Ebro’s argument about good music is irrelevant. 2 Chainz, Trinidad James, good music that underground has to ‘step up’ to? Mainstream radio caused the demise of good rap music. The radio’s whole format is garbage and solely based on getting commercial sponsors. In the meantime, they have no problems promoting self-destruction to our kids for money. Now as someone concerned about the preservation of the culture, everyone confuses monetary transactions as the culture itself. No, the culture is the elements and ideology behind the entertainment. This is not Hip Hop at all. It’s mainstream bullshit, two totally different things. FM radio is irrelevant to the culture but instead a source of distraction and perversion of the youth all for the sake of a week to week check that can’t keep the IRS off Ebro’s back, as he stated. This is why kids in Europe will probably be the ones who inherit the culture and preserve it. American urban youth have been so brainwashed by garbage that money invades every conversation about the culture. If you have no love for the culture besides what money you can make off of it, you don’t deserve it. It’s not all about going to parties and buying records. Even on a business level, the format is whack because radio can’t distinguish between good music and Trinidad James, pitiful. I’m glad Ebro is talking because he will help ppl see how much lowest common denominator bullshit is embedded in mainstream thinking.