Rick Ross – So Sophisticated (feat. Meek Mill)

  • rep87


  • WillVetterGoodin

    Shoulda changed this shit to “So Hungry.” Lame. This dude was a prison guard who had to steal someone elses name….who is still alive by the way. And never even came close to doin it like the real Free Way Ricky Ross. All he raps about it the cars he has, the weed he smokes, and the cheeseburgers he had for lunch. This dude is wack. You think he would have taked about this shit when he was a prison guard? Nope, the would have raided his house, and thrown him in jail. Dude a straight up bitch wanna be. Go have another burger and some wings and have another heart attack. 

  • messias3

    str8 heat ….100% … Boss