Rick Ross Talking About His New Album “Mastermind”

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  • musicbusiness advisors

    Don’t BELIVE one word Officer Ricky has to say! IF he’s gonna LIE about being a COP / C.O. why would you ‘believe’ his stories about being a Drug Mogul & ‘Bawse’?! Straight up actor WHO direspected the very MAN he stole his ‘stage name from’ THE REAL RICK ROSS! Maycock Music, with that fool WALE & tha MEEK one is THE WORST ‘label’ out there!

    • Mr Magnificant

      Chill kid. Its for intertainment purposes only…. If you think any of this shit is real then you have a problem. No need to try and pattern your life after a person, just be entertained. If you dont like it, dont listen to it. Sounds like your feelings are hurt. Maybe you looked up to Rozay and found out he was not what you thought he was and now your mad. Grow Up homes!!

  • Celz

    If you download his shyt illegally he will personally come and arrest you..

    But real talk on the way to work when this lame ass came on the radio a switched to KDay for the rest of the ride..