Rick Ross Wants To Go Platinum

  • Word7


  • guc

    officer ricky lol

  • The Arsonist

    Looks like continually selling another mans story is finally running out. Them sells are sloooooooooooooooooowing down just like he does after each Lemon Pepper wing.

  • He will never go platinum. Sorry bruh.

  • Frank

    I want to go platinum! I don’t even rap, but e’rybody wanna go platinum! wtf is this?

  • The mix

    Fat boy will never go platinum ..not with that garbage he is putting out FRAUD

  • Peter Morris

    This nigga wants a lot of things.. like an identity

    • LexxBrown


  • youngplaya

    Why the hate? The nigga album dope and he done dropped hot albums in the past. Whether this nigga ever go platnium or not I’m sure he can afford a lifestyle most of yall only dream about. Why niggaz mad? Oh I know he aint a “REAL” nigga lest he go out here and kill somebody or sell dope in real life. Yall niggaz funny. It’s Entertainment People Entertainment. I rock with his music and that’s as far as it go. I don’t know homie personally to be consumed with hate for the man.