Schoolboy Q wants the lean more than sex?!

  • DC King Of Hearts

    …lean over Jennifer Laurence?

  • brotha_man

    the number 2 reason on why i will never try lean…….

  • don king

    wtf? lean > sex with a beauty? n just the fact that he doesnt drink durin the interview doesnt mean hes good with it n hes not some kind of junkie. he had clearly 2cups b4 this interview, which makes his statement even more worthless. i like q n his music, but he has 2 fix this problem asap! synthetic drugs r no joke.

  • Live Well

    I liked Q a lot more before he started doing interviews.

  • Black Jay

    I can’t front. Jennifer Lawrence is kinda dope. But lean first? Come on…..

    On some real sh*t, it looks like Schoolboy needs a publicist. His interviews are suspect.