Shawty Lo Talks About His 11 Children

  • brotha_man

    this clown…..raise yo kids

    • Norma Carter

      that not nice for you to say, until you have been in someone shoes that have had it hard don’t speak on it.

      • brotha_man

        I know I wear condoms….especially after 11 kids by 11 different women. As a father of one (with my wife) I wouldn’t want her(daughter) to view this situation as normal or acceptable. I would also hope that the show would educate on practicing safe sex, and the important f family values. I will give him an award for being there for his kids. his “shoes” are irrelevant as long as he is there and being a positive figure to his kids….I could careless where he has been a lot of us has struggled and overcame. Iknow I did, went to college and got my MBA, not saying im better, I just did what I felt would change my situation, and it did

      • Guest

        Well since you have your MBA you should know that when you called him a clown you was downing him. You might have struggled, but his struggled could have been worst then your.Im sure he is living his life the best he know how. Who are you to judge anyone, how perfect is your life. What do you hide behind close doors……I say this to say that never look down on someone else life cause the same way you judging someone gonna judge you.

      • Guest

        O yea and beside that you said you got your MBA……you told him go raise his kids in one comment and then in the next one you’re saying you give him an award for doing it. WOW

  • youngplaya

    Shawty Lo. I respect you mo nicca just cause I heard you talk with intelligence and like a real man. And kept it real bout if a nicca had better experiences in his child hood and not so rough that a nicca probably wouldn’t of chose the dope game. That’s real. Alot of niccas be trying to glamorize this shit. Ain’t nothing nice bout catching 20-40 years and missing ya kids and that check being gone. Stay up cuz

  • vibetvAJ

    Good shit shawty, fuk them spike lee ass hatin nicca’s talking about bringing our race down with negative images, this is reality and how he lives his life. he turned a negative to a positive and he could be robbing yo ass. I respect this man.