Snoop Lion Shoutout to Obama

  • Yip Obama is gonna get that second term!

  • WOLF

    i hope he does get that second term that mitt guys a dumb ass did

  • SHMaRiM

    Obama will lead you all to your graves… Educate yourself… Watch the media bend stories to support Obama and bash Romney… Obama is a fraud… The evidence is all around you. There are so many reasons not to vote Obama back into the house. MOre poeple on welfare than ever before. Negative amount of jobs “created”. Your tax dollars being sent to terrorist organizations. Do a quick internet search. How much do you really know about world issues? Tax the people that create the jobs more? They already only get to keep about 50% of their paycheck. How is that fair? If you got to keep 50% of your paycheck you’d quit. So, vote Obama and watch as all the wealthy people retire, move out of the country, and you’re left with no job. Twice as much debt added in 4 years as bush created in 8… Idiots.