Southeast Slim aka Sace Releases Wale Diss Video

  • Must suck to be labeled as “Wale Disser”.

  • Celz

    It’s about time the unheard of friend actually be nice

  • NINJA koz Maccabee

    he”s a foo spitting dat lava ya dig I wish him and wale squash they shit he should get with mmg or somebody need put that $$$ up he got flows international ninja do it big bro bro

  • s0rethumb

    Yo this bol is a flame thrower. Behind every “commercial” successful rapper is the real dude they studied under. Sace was that coach, wish him well. Love when “busboy” become Poets…

  • RBG

    i like this very much. this man got on topic and stayed there like all true diss songs should.

  • Thomas Smith

    That shit is wack…..who cares man

  • Thomas Smith

    he sound like everybody….shit is boring….back to the drawing board…..


    sounds emotional

  • youngplaya

    Nice!! Got his own style..not auto tuning…thank god.

  • KT

    Debating if Southeast can rap or not is just as irrelevant as debating if Wale can rap or not. Niggaz aint gon always agree. But i think ALL niggaz will agree that your balls and your word is all you have as a man, so IF Wale went back on his word like slim saying he did then yea…this nigga got a legimate complaint. Dont even sound like he dissing him for real….sound like he asking wtf happened

  • EMP Live

    Slim finally speaking on the matter.. an speaking he did!!! gud shyt slim!!

  • Bandaidboy

    I never heard of this dude before but this nigga just went innnn!!
    I’m look forward hearing more from SE Slim. Sounds like Slim know Wale personally, hopefully Wale respond telling his side of the story but we all know that’s not going to happen because this Era of hiphop has a bunch of P***Y Rappers that’s scared to say other rappers names regardless how hot they might make the rapper they dissing but they still spoke the truth on how they felt on some real G S**t. I miss 90’s rap when 2pac, Bone thugz, Wu tang, Mobb Deep, Nas and ect would say other rappers name on a track if they was beefn. F&^*k this Generation of Hiphop
    Like Slim said ” if you dont say my name you aint talkin about me” #RNS
    I’M Out!!

  • Big Al

    U rocked it SES, Wale is a punk!!!!!!

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