@SteveLobel Top 5 Dead or Alive with AllHipHop.com

The dealmaker behind Nipsey Hussle, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Sean Kingston, and more, Steve Lobel is a wiz at positioning his artists for their moment in the spotlight. So AllHipHop.com caught up with him recently to get the rundown on his “Top 5 Rappers Dead or Alive:

  • josh

    No Eminem, Jay, or Nas. But 50 and fat joe, cmon now

    • Martin Raheem

      Have to respect the man’s personal opinion! He put Sean Kingston on there and the explanation was R-E-A-L. No personal top 5 dead or alive is like your’s so just get over yourself.

  • Martin Raheem

    Thank you for putting Fat Joe on the list! Integrity, loyalty. And Bone Thugz Uni5-Legends will still be a group until the end of crossroads whatever the media says.