Styles P. Doesn’t Condone Son Wearing Kanye Skirt

  • Q.

    Styles kept it 100… Kings don’t rock mini-skirts.

    • Michael Jackson wore a skirt in Remember The Time and he still the king though. I must say man kilts have too much shock value for my taste buds but that’s neither here nor there… being a king is a mind state. that’s just my 2 cents…

      • Q.

        I wouldn’t call that a skirt, fam. Plus, the context was vastly different. MJ was paying homage to ancient Black royal garb. These joints these new cats are rocking are kilts, which is something COMPLETELY different. Kilts are Scottish, worn as part of a homosexual ritual. MJ was dropping science on the masses when he depicted the Black man and woman as pharaoh and queen–these rappers are doing some other sh!t.

      • I never knew kilts were part of a homosexual ritual, where’d you learn that? I won’t be quick to call him gay ’cause alot of lines are blurred these days, the world (the one I see in NY anyways) is one big grey area. don’t think I care if the next dude is homosexual anyways, as long as he not trynna engage in butt pleasures w me.

      • Q.

        There is no blurred line for me: either you’re heterosexual or you’re not. A man doesn’t accidentally blur himself into another man’s rectum. I’m not judging either way, but I can discern what’s what. Apron/kilt wearing is a Freemasonic Scottish rite ritual. Kilts are traditionally worn with no undergarments–they were/are worn to clothe one’s nakedness following particular sex rites between men in which sodomy is enacted. That was a brief summation of what you’re looking at. The rappers are wearing kilts as as a sign of Masonic initiation; though they don’t expect the average mofo to recognize that esoteric understanding–they’ll just tell you it’s fashion. If you’re truly curious in the science behind what I just gave you, I’d advise you to do your own investigative research. The knowledge is out here for those who seek.

    • Frank

      He kept it 100 def. Lol. I got kids and I know they gonna do some shot I’m not gonna like.

    • oh yea btw people used to say that type of thing about men wearing earrings too and didnt niggas used to wear those cut off shirts that showed their mid section in the 80s and tight ass jeans don’t forget that. at the end of the day clothes don’t make the man. (also I’m seriously interested in kilt thing I wasn’t mocking

      • Q.

        Earrings aren’t a sign of homosexuality. Our people have been rocking gold and jewels on the body for aeons. It wasn’t until cats started rocking the one earring in the right ear to symbolize to other men that they were gay did it become associated with homosexuality. As far tying your shirt in knot like ‘Twan and showing your midriff, that’s clearly a dude trying to be a girl. Clothes don’t make the man, but what a man or woman chooses to adorn themself with communicates what they’re about to the world around them. I’m not sure if you’re trying to defend men rocking skirts or what.

    • foh

      Only women and effeminate, bi curious males or full blown homos wear skirts. Styles an ignant nigga still, he no king.