T-Pain Angered by Homophobia in Hip-Hop

  • I love it how they act as if no one is gay, everyone is hardcore and fu*king all kinds of bit*hes, when on the low most of them are pillowbiters…..At this point it’s not even something that need to be addressed anymore…Fans know what’s up…We know Diddy is getting slayed by Rick Ross (Bugatti Boys)…We know they ran a train on Kanye, we know Jay-z love dragqueens Foxy said it then she tried to act deaf…Mister Cee been sleeping with Trannys ever since BIG was alive…Bow Wow, Omarion, Raz B all been past around like 100 bills to record execs….Shyne, Mase, Loon, Cameron, Dipset, Lil Wayne, all been involved in homosexual activities..Pharrel and John Legend are bottoms, Wiz Khalifia is a queen, his baby is just a front and Amber is being paid for her services..BUSTA Rhymes and Drake passing around herpes, we know this stuff we are not fools.
    Let’s try to fix Hip-Hop and save the music that gay stuff is nothing new.

    • C. Black

      You know all of that as facts, how may I ask?

  • Judah Nazayar

    T Pain… U need to get off that Soft Shit..and get your mind right.
    That guy needs to get his life together. He trying to act like..sumns wrong wid us..if we dont agree wid anal sex between men.
    Save that gay shet for esau