Talib Kweli Defends Mos Def Wearing a “Wrap”

  • Judah Nazayar

    man i dont wanna hear this boolshet. First off..Talib always a devils advocate for industry fukkery. hes always trying to defend the nigggerism s of these entertainers..
    3rd..so called negro are not AFRICANS..so wearing a skirt isnt apart of our culture.. And he should fukking know better than to wear that shet. Mos im disappointed in you..
    After hearing talib defend fukkery..i knew this brother wasnt wrap to tight..but i expected more outta u Mos. If Jay Elect comes wid sum coonery…Im done wid Hiphop..and ill start crusade to point out Rappers as coons and enemies of black people

    • FRUKOH

      in the words of the fake god AZ: ‘fuc* niggas cos its hard to keep em close together’ black ppl are the enemies of black ppl too, very few exceptions

  • Chrisblackusa

    From lee jeans with thick laced pumas..to a wrap…

  • Mackintosh

    Mos Def. cmon man. I hear you but the times are too confusing right now. You trying to make a point like that under these conditions just aint worth it. Right now they trying to have us running up in each other and not reproducing or keeping our worrior’s heart. That’s the issue at hand. It starts here!

  • Mackintosh

    …oh and Kwalib, cmon man.

  • Mec-One

    I’m not mad at Mos …… This man has spent months traveling and visiting to many countries throughout the great continent of Africa. He has embraced some of the ancestral customs, cultural, & traditions ……..
    Not like some of these dudes who are just trying to make a fashion statement but come off looking foolish …..

  • Isaac Hayes