The Dream Defenders Offer 6 Demands To Stop Police Brutality

The Dream Defenders have a list of 6 powerful demands that they want to implement on a national level to help stop the flow of police brutality

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  • Immortal

    While I agree with their intent, some of the demands are saying some of what others have said in where is the personal accountability? Where is the social contract? You mentioned the “Broken Windows” theory, but where are these community leaders at when it comes to cleaning up these neighborhoods to include those that don’t even live there that are committing most of the crime? Why are we content on allowing crime to happen in our neighborhoods yet when the police finally come in to clean up, their wrong? The whole “Stop Snitching” movement benefitted who? “Code of the streets”…so you’re content living with the same fools who would shoot you over $5.00 or break into your house and take the stuff you worked your ass off to get? Why would the president go to any one group (I know better, but this is the ideal situation) of people when he’s “supposed to represent the Nation”? There is a lack of trust between people of color and the police, but segregating the police depending on how much of a particular race is present is wrong. So if a neighborhood goes from pro minority to some other race, those cops are to move with them? Diversity in the ranks and understanding in the ranks is needed. Going to the local AG office? Great idea, but in many cases it’s the local DA that has the “juice” and needs to be talked to and protested. Emotions are hard to work around, but if you use them in your decision making over “simple” logic then you’re going to miss a whole lot.

  • Killuminati

    I got an idea. How about instead of pulling the race card when a cop stops you and asks you questions, you take your hands out your pockets and comply and therefore you will live another day….stop pulling the race card that shits played out. If a white dude acted shady and had his hands in his pockets refusing to cooperate and bouncing around yellin shit he’d get shot too……

    • jazzoh

      assumptions all assumptions and i have seen white people get pulled over and curse cops out and damn near spit in their face and nothing happens if that were true then tell me the last time you saw on the news a unarmed white person shot down in the street or choked to death this is a regular occurrence and has been going on throughout history … closed

  • Dr. Broom

    ignorant false progressiveness is a dangerous thing.

  • kojiz

    Hello I would like to offer some food for thought. shootings of unarmed people will continue this much we all know, here are some suggestions on what to do next time first we need to train people in tactics to deal with authorities. This is so they can stop things from happening on the spot and not allow these people to be assaulted and murdered. Remember I am suggesting trained and prepared people not just anyone off the street. These organizations must consist of divisions which focus on our greatest challenges which are the corporate structure, law enforcement, judicial branches, political structures, military, and intelligence services

  • jazzoh

    Little do people know they are doing their real job not the job we think they should be doing