The Hip Hopular Opinion: The Washington D.C. Episode

  • Slaughtr

    This type of discussion needs to happen more because hip hop is ina serious state of being destroyed.It isn’t the fact of progression but integrity and now most people don’t listen to the music they listen to the beat to determine if it’s dope or not. With that being said the result is brain washing and ringing a culture out like a rag.Even with jazz it took many punches and transitions in which jazz purist were heated about things that saturated their jazz culture. I feel most genre’s of music have been glazed and to anybody that believes in strong music it is your right to speak about wether the masses don’t want you to speak. I love hip hop it kept me out the streets growing up in the 80’s which was a time of wild street antics all revolved around crack and black on black crime. So when I give a brash opinion about what I hear it’s not going to be nice fck that. When music saves your life and you embed it in your heart maybe you will understand how serious the rules of hip hop are not rap that’s a whole different arena.