THE REALNESS: Wale Spazzes out

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    I’d rather love and support a man that shows his emotions, that cares about his art form, the culture and most importantly expresses his opinions the best way he knows how not the way the industry tells him to act.

    That’s Wale, Thats Kanye and the greatest of all times. The legend himself 2Pac.

  • the industry is very shady

  • Splatter

    theres a difference in what wale is mad about than what Kanye is crying about. don’t compare these two rants. Wale is addressing his craft and what he’s been doing for a while to prove to us and his peers that he’s a talented rapper who makes good music for a fucked up generation. kanye is mad about not being an overnight billionare with a brand as large as LV or others. both passionate. but kanye taking it too far. think wale just got sick and tired of being ignored.