The Return Of The Ice Cream Man

February 21st 2014 the release date for the new MASTER P Mixtape THE GIFT VOLUME 1 “RETURN OF THE ICE CREAM MAN” is the most anticipated record to hit the streets. With over 75 million records sold independently, Master P has rejuvenated his music career in the young generation of Hip Hop fans. The mixtape includes collaborations with Rick Ross, Yo Gotti, Alley Boy, Eastwood, Gangsta, Playa, T-Bo, Miss Chee and more. The Ice Cream Man delivers one of the hottest projects for 2014.




    Aint no one clicking on that garbage

  • musicbusiness advisors

    Was GARBAGE before……now it’s 20 year old GARBAGE syibkin’ WAY WORSE than in the 90s! Rappin’ is a Young Man’s Game with few exceptions, P is NOT one of them!

    • acapwn

      Garbage before? You must be high.

  • crazy white people

    I Clicked on this thinking it was Gucci Mane…WOW Master P looks about 70 Years Old now …………..Cocaines A Hell Of A Drug #In Rick James Voice lol . . ……………………………Back to Sponla dot c o m

  • Grock

    welcome back Master P , hip hop royalty show respect. He had the game on lock for a hot minute. Master p is a class act , look at all his charity work. Percy Miller is good for the game.