Tiffany Foxx Buys Versace Drops $15,000 in Strip Club

St. Louis emcee and newly signed artist Tiffany Foxx took time out to spend some of that advance money in the Gucci and Versace stores in Houston. Later that night Tiffany was seen throwing thousands and thousands of dollars, what one onlooker mentioned to be upwards to about $15,000. Tiffany’s larger than life personality, bold lyrics, looks to kill and Midwest swag, not only has Lil Kim excited about signing her but it keeps her “GoalDiggers” I.e. Fans, coming back for more.

  • Chris


    • Barbara Codner


    • I third that….lol

      • Chris

        She thick, though. (shrugs)

  • youngplaya

    Do ya thang girl.

  • PliggaNease

    can i have a dollar…..

  • Guest

    I got head bout 7 months ago from this rat during a studio session in ATL… her manager/assistant is cold too!

    • Chris

      Fckin’ for beats. SMH.

  • Golgo 13

    i kinda thought she was from Atlanta ill b surprised if she Eva comes out with an album being that she is signed 2 lil kims label and she shouldn’t b throwing money like that away because if her music career flops and she goes broke she will b thinking 2 herself she wish she never wasted her money on Gucci, versace and strippers lol i never knew she was even famous ppl following her in the shop and takin pictures if she gave me sum of that money 2 throw on the strippers i wud put it in my pocket

  • Am I supposed to be excited or want to buy her music because of this? Why would anyone be impressed by someone wasting money? I bet when she is about 35, or say even 45.. that 15 K could go a long way….