Tiny Talks Rumors, Infidelity, Instagram and Being a “Ride or Die Chick” with The Breakfast Club

With the T.I. and Floyd Mayweather beef still lingering in the media, and a new song called “What the F*ck You Gon Do?” out Tiny joins the Breakfast Club for a tell all interview. While she does avoid some questions about Floyd, she does address the situation and explain her side…

On being a “ride or die” chick:

Charlamagne: You are the epitome of a ride or die chick, when did you realize that was a role you were going to take on. Everybody look at you like you are the ultimate ride or die chick….

Tiny: Well I guess I sit back in the cut and let him do his thing and I’d fall back and I guess that was a part of ridin with T.I., and then all of the jail sentences, and I mean I’m with him, I’m down to make him king. I make him feel like king.

The only other real relationship I had a before that, I was young and we were together for some years and then he went way…


On “Checking People on Instagram”:

I mean I try to ignore them, you know if I don’t go on there I do better, but if I go on there and I see something just really really stupid… or I see something that you shouldn’t be talking about anyway because you don’t have the right to say because I’m looking at you…then I might say something back. But I try to refrain from that. But now the only thing that really really gets me is the stuff about my kids.  So I have to respond, but I’ve been doing really good lately.

Charlamagne: You gotta expect that though because you but them out there..

Tiny: You aint gonna talk about ’em if you do I’ma check you when I see it.


On Rumors about Floyd:

Charlamagne: Were you trying to make T.I. jealous by taking a picture with Floyd?

Tiny: I was not… I don’t wanna talk about Floyd, you know its my anniversary today….



    b***h too ugly to be fighting over anyway. fruk her and officer harris

    • Carlos

      that’s what im saying, if i was T.I. and I saw the pic of her and Money, I wouldnt be jealous, I would think, bitch ugly, money can get any girl he want, so im safe.

  • “Meth Face”..lmao…I can’t look at her pic without laughing….lol

  • 5% Hov

    CTG got the best questions.

    I really respect dude for his approach and versatility.
    He makes it look easy but it’s a skill few left on radio have. (Big Boi & Angie)

  • urtelling

    ewww she still looks ugly. the ugly one out the group and with all of TI’s money for surgery, she is still the ugly one.

  • John Q. Public

    • Savimbi

      Lmmaoo she does look like Phil Spector tho

  • jon dubock

    damn she ugly…..I dont know why they fighting over her….

  • Illegalstick33

    Let’s be real. Tiny look like a raw bratwurst soaking in some hot water! Fo sho!

  • GP

    welp looks like piggly wiggly mascot finally broke her silence. who understands pig latin.

  • GP

    tiny photo shot damn she fine. lmao!!!!!

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    If I were Money I would be pissed that someone would think that I would hit such a hideous beast of a woman.

  • ghettogov

    Y’all niggas talking all this Shit about tiny but I bet she look better than the broads y’all dealing with. She may not be the best thing to look at, but she seems like a mature woman who knows how to handle herself and she been had bread. So why so much hate? Yall weak for that…and if you gon talk Shit at least make sure it’s funny cuz then you get a pass

    • chicagostyl

      “Y’all niggas talking all this Shit about tiny but I bet she look better than the broads y’all dealing with”
      stay off them bath salts bro you wildin right now…

      • U know sum people can’t handle their high bruh…..my bitch bad fk what he tombout ya dig…

    • JimJames29

      How about heeeeellll naww.

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

      Exactly she knows how to handle herself so much that she has an inappropriate relationship with another man that disturbed her husband to the point that he did some stupid reckless BS. Yeah, She is a down a$$ chick.

  • Danny Martin

    I’d rather let T.I. give me head than Tiny.. LMFAO !!!

    • John Q. Public

      Tiny ugly as hell but…

    • GQ

      Gay ass muhfucka

    • Immortal



      • Immortal

        Danny Martin……say something at least intelligible. Troll elsewhere

    • Sadat

      LMFAO must mean Laughing My Flaming Ass Off to you. Cause that was super gay.

    • GQ

      Gay Boy LOL

    • GQ

      You rather a man give you head? I can bet you molest yo son SMH

  • Immortal

    About the truth…

  • Markus

    If Floyd was interested in this chick then that’s more about disrespecting T.I. than actually him wanting her. Xscape was that rare group where every member looked mannish.

  • Jason Mazur

    She better than 95 if not 100% of all the haters on this posts wife/wifey/girlfriend or what ever you want to call your loyalless struggle bitches. Most of yall wont be with the same broad 3 months from now.

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

      T.I Is that you!?!

  • jdubba

    That’s one ugly bitch.

  • IROC

    IS any of this even real or just trying to keep a buzz

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  • KingChandler

    Shouts to Tiny for rockin’ the safety goggles from wood shop on The Breakfast Club.

  • People be going hard on tiny, yea she ain’t the cutest…she guaped up tho….u never know she might have that snapper down there..or an amazing jawbone…..If u a real dude u know what i mean….

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

      Guaped up on T.I’s money.

      • Tiffany Rayne

        Tiny had money before TI. In fact, he said she was the one with the big houses, cars ect…before he had it. Tiny may not be supermodel status, but she isn’t dumb despite her speech. She gets her own money. She been had bread.

  • Tiffany Rayne

    Y’all got to understand, it’s not about looks. Especially where these rappers are concerned, because they had all the so-called bad chicks out there already. It’s not real, just like half those women they have as arm candy aren’t (those chicks look busted when they take off their masks, weave and butt injections). And just because something looks good, doesn’t mean it is good for you. Besides, physical beauty and attraction fades. It gets old too. Guess what happens to those once pretty/bad chicks. They get old, fat and wrinkled too. Tiny is real. And clearly there is something about her that TI sees and likes, he didn’t marry the chick and had kids with her for no reason. So it’s more than just physical looks.