Tito Lopez talks Dr Dre, Ghostwriting, Kendrick Lamar, Saigon Beef, The South + More

  • C. Black

    I have a brand new found respect for this young man after hearing him actually speak.

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    much respect & wish him success, I think a lot of problems came from the older cats up north that didn’t want to let the throne go being that we held the title for so long and got those major labels located in NYC to accept our music. many dudes in the south wanted to get put on but new york rappers wasn’t letting to much of that happen. once the west took over with the gangster trend, I think this was when dudes with a southern accent became widely accepted. There have always been lyrical artist in the south but it seems even they got out shined by the southern rappers that were not lyrical but used hot beats and repeated choruses to blow up. those are the ones that bragged on out selling dudes in the north and put that stamp of not being able to rap on the south.