Trinidad James Explains His Side of Maino Issues

  • wickedjones

    They always talking about how so sensitive Drake is.. It seems like those NY rappers are emotional, and I like Maino. That was a bitch move.

  • What TJ said makes sense. However, it was said in a way that EASILY could be construed as DISRESPECTFUL to an ENTIRE city. In this interview he clarified what he says he meant (which is probably how he should have explained his sentiment from the gate). People would have probably taken it differently. Yet still, people would have probably bashed him anyways. That’s what things have come to nowadays. Folks tend NOT to be OBJECTIVE and LOVE to see CONFLICT amongst one another. I’m from NY and now reside in FLORIDA and will tell you this… Folks out here in FLORIDA have shown me mad Love. They have ONLY been GOOD to my folks and I. This North vs. South sh*t is PROPAGANDA. It’s ALL EAST COAST MUSIC…

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  • Trinidad couldn’t have leaked the convo, because he got CHECKED in the video like a hoe. Maino had NO BUZZ until this situation. SO Maino used Trinidad as a come up because remember when Kendrick said he was King of New York, Maino said he must be right because no one said shit (He’s not good or popular enough to win off Kendrick, but Trinidad James? EASY!!!) lol