Troy Ave Speaks on Kendrick & Kanye Being Weirdo Rappers

  • Mr.CPT

    this nigga is weak. He obviously dont know KDOT.

    • Celz

      Co-sign this.. I lost some respect for the young nicca.. Cuz if he come to L.A. he might get banged on and robbed by some young actives that look like Kendrick. Just cuz you a young old school New York nicca don’t mean Kendrick should be wearin khaki suits an chucks..


    This is 1 of the most ignorant interviews I’ve ever heard in my life!!!!! Did this cat really basically say since Kendrick isn’t in a gang or claiming a gang or dressed up like one that makes him a weirdo?!?!?! This dude is completely hung up on stereotypes!!!! Since Kanye doesn’t act or dress like a nigga from the Chi that makes him a weirdo?!?! REALLY!!!

  • Montezuma1

    Troy Ave is okay. Just need to stop talking about Kendrick and Kanye. He’s looking like the weirdo for talking about those men all the time.