#VOTE: Louisiana Ca$h- Letter 2 Obama

  • QaadiruRashaad

    I think the idea of the “Letter 2 Obama” is a good one, poorly executed here. My brother Louisiana Cash you had a profound opportunity to actually communicate your feeling and thoughts through making this record in a positive productive way, where someone would take you seriously, if executed right but unfortunately you didnt. bro you used profanity at the President in your verse and in the same breath you used the N-Word like its going out of style. Get your mind right family! On top of that brother, get a better understand of how the system works and a better command of the issues. FYI: Presiden Obama can not drop gas prices in a free market. In doesnt control that brother. This is all said with the greatest respect but if we dont check each other when we’re wrong, we hinder our progress as a collective. “I am my brothers keeper.” Qaadiru Rashaad