Wale Shops for Shoes at LeBron’s Store “Unknown” in Miami

MMG rapper Wale took a trip out to Miami to enjoy some sneaker shopping at LeBron James’ shoe store, Unknown in Miami, Florida.  The “sneaker champ” spoke with Joe La Puma of Complex about the current sneaker culture and more.

With traveling on the road and everything, how do you keep up with everything?

Whatever I see I like now. I used to really be on top of it, like I go through spurts when I’m on top of it. But like, right now I’m working on the album, I don’t know what’s out, but I just know what’s hot…. I’ll go to the mall… I have to see what people are wearing

How many pairs of shoes do you leave with when you travel?

Probably about 15.

You get a lot of pairs sent to you, what do you think the ratio is of what you are sent and what you buy?

I’m not high on Nike’s list like I used to be., probably because I called some magazine’s crazy stuff…