Wiz Khalifa [#BGA] “We Dem Boyz”

  • chiboy773

    why is it so many moisture male dance moves in here

  • Bryan Strive Bradley

    this shit is super dope!!!
    much respect to wiz he came and changed the game.
    google this name “whoisstrive”

  • i’mreloaded!

    Wiz got em one wit dis! It took him a minute to make a hit for real though. My homeboy is all into dat illuminati ish and he said “don’t you notice everytime a rapper start kinda fallin off, they go through some kinda damn tragedy and ish?” I don’t really get into all dat kind of ish but I ain’t gon lie, I did say yeah, I do notice someone is always dyin around these rappers, then they come out with a banger then they back on top. Just coincidence I’m assuming. Dope record anyway.

  • best_believe

    Shit was trash. With that Auto tunes bullshit and lame dude dancing like clowns. Wonder why he wasn’t wearing his spandex in the hood ?

  • anemia716

    haha the blatant product placement haha