Young Chop Doesn’t Get Chief Keef/Gucci Partnership

  • I have to disagree with Young Chop. Even though they are two bosses at the top of their game they both have the same vision when it comes to greatness. That’s why they are bosses to begin with. If Gucci lets Sosa be Sosa and allows him to do his thing the way he wants it done that will equal alot of dollar signs for both of them. Chicago and Atlanta niggs always gel properly and it could be something special.

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    • Inmadopuroz

      even tho chopp looks like precious i still would suck him off no homo

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      bosses collaborate they dont sign to another boss unless its a bigger situation … like he said they pretty much on the same platuea they just need to bridge that chi with that atl and boss it out like that …

      • I agree with your standpoint on bosses but I don’t think Sosa is anywhere near Gucci’s level. Sosa is good but Gucci is a god, and Chief Keef has a long way to go to reach the numbers that Gucci has attained. That’s why I think its a good mix because Sosa can learn from Gucci how to stay on your grind and not let your name fall off.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    real stuff

  • The Real Will Cannon

    Pork Chop done put his foot in his mouth…some shit is just best…left unsaid.