Young Jeezy Announces New Album! “The Statue Of Limitations Is Over With”

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  • a reptile dysfunction

    yall gotta be some of the most inbred dumbfuck dipshits…education is your friend…its fuckin “statute”…google the seinfeld episode you waterheads

    • Ghetto ass AHH.COM

    • Charter

      Didntcha hear? According to “real niggaz”, education is for lamez. A
      “real man” goes to prison and gets non-homosexual blowjobs from other burly men.

    • whoa

      But he’s supposed to be a certified STREET NIGGA. He don’t know the proper term of law?

      • johnblacksad

        lol… true… certified street n!ggaz be knowin the law like lawyers and sh!t

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        the more they know about the law the more they have f’d up in the past (and prob snitchin) the more you need to stay clear of said person some of that wackness may drip on ya lol

  • TruthHurts

    Statute morons!

  • RapItUp

    Is anybody genuinely happy about a new Jeezy cd?

    • brotha_man

      no. I like jeezy, but IMO gibbs is better. ESGN

      • RapItUp

        I haven’t heard a lot of Gibbs, but he has this one track w/ Curren$y off Covert Coup.. Scottie Pippen I think its called. He was spittin on that! I know Jeezy shafted him though, contract wise. Waiting to hear Jeezy response!

    • I am, to me Jeezy has a voice that no other rapper has, and whether or not he is a real gangsta he delivers all the time through his music. I am tired of these pu$$y boys like Drake singing and crying, give me Jeezy that hardcore street sh!t.

      • RapItUp

        What’s your take on Ross, Dior? At least in comparison to Jeezy.. They have the same underlying sentiment (Hustling Remix w/ Jay-Z is a good reference point, albeit dated)

      • I also like Rick Ross he has a voice that cannot be compared, when he first dropped everyone thought that he was a cheap copy of Biggie, but he proved us wrong besides from 50 cent failed attempt to make Rick Ross seem weak because he had a real paying job before Hip-Hop….In comparison to Jeezy, I think that they are both selling us the gangsta life on wax but Ross might have been exposed to it more because of his previous job, and Jeezy seem to have some kind of realness to his lifestyle and music.

      • StreetMediaZone

        well said well said

    • johnblacksad


      • RapItUp

        Jeezy has some tracks I like from early motivation days.. But to me, it seems the luster is going. I am kinda biased though, especially with the particular rap factions I support 🙂

      • anemia716

        100%. I agree.

        Motivation 102, had production though. “3 am” and “what you talkin about” still gets me amp’d

      • johnblacksad

        Jeezy has had many moments where it seemed the luster is goin, but he always came thru solid in the end IMO…
        Before The Recession, I remember some people were already startin to doubt him, but he came thru with an amazing album.
        Same for TM103… again, people thought Jeezy was done, but he came thru with another good album…

        He went through some sh!t that eroded his image… Bloodraw’s departure, Gucci almost gettin the upper hand in their beef, Gangsta gibbs leavin and dissin hard, backstage ‘beef’ with Rozay etc… but I still fux with Jeezy hard no hom!

        ‘It’s Tha World’ was a fire ass mixtape… I don’t think Jeezy has lost it… mixtapes solid, albums solid, I trust him big time!

      • RapItUp

        **Gucci gettin the upper hand in their beef.

        I fixed that for you bruh! Lol he don’t wanna see the burr-man on no street shit!

      • johnblacksad

        lol… ok… can’t fight you really on this one…

        that ‘almost’ was expressin the love for Jeezy

      • RapItUp

        Haha!! I do have a Gucci bias on this particular issue (not feeling all the twitter rant/gossip bull as of late, of course) but I’m just giving y’all Jeezy fans a hard time. Lol

    • justmathoughts

      sounds like youre hatin to me

      • RapItUp

        meh.. What if I just told you I think Jeezy sucks? Is that still hating? For my trap fix, there are other relevant, less shady cats I’d rather listen to. Jeezy is a one trick pony to me, and the trick isn’t good enough to capture my attention. Or be excited about a new album

      • justmathoughts

        naa, if you say he sucks thats your opinion and youre entitled to it, we can agree to disagree on that aspect….your original comment comes off as if no one wants to hear his ish, but if youre a true hiphophead you know thats not the case….i aint gonna hold you, im biased cause im a jeezy fan from the jump but he is very consistent and def has a classic or 2

      • RapItUp

        Fair enough.. He’s got some ok jams, more notably features than anything for me.. But.. As for Atlanta/trap rappers go? Tip/Gucci all day over Jeezy.. I sided with Gucci in their beef, Ross in their beef, and then the bmf thing which snowman has yet to address.. He just seems like a decent car salesman after this many blunders. People could say similar about all of the other guys I named too, but I like their craft still, is the difference. I was asking a genuine question though, at first. Lol

    • StreetMediaZone

      kinda yeah

  • Jeezy is always labeling his material with things that has to do with the Government, City, and or State…I like Jeezy though his music is cool.

    • Judy B. Qualls

      my Aunty Avery recently got a six month old MINI Cooper Clubvan Wagon by working part-time off of a home computer… her explanation W­­­W­­­W.F­­­B­­­3­­­9.C­­O­­M

      • RapItUp

        You can get a brand new car in less time than that if you like big slabs of meat in your mouth! Part time too!

      • lmao

  • anemia716

    statute. you mean to tell me, no one in his camp, a friend for that matter, or even an acquaintance informed him of this error? damn.

  • WillVetterGoodin

    I wonder what kind of statue it will be?? SMH.

  • Wonder if its gonna take two years to catch a buzz again…

  • PhilTheGreat

    I swear he said that he wasn’t even thinking about an album and that it was all about getting YG’s career boosting forward.

  • Ron Shurvin Jn Charles

    I’m hoping the use of statue here was either meant to be clever, or that AHH misprinted/misheard. If its the former, I don’t get it and the latter……Shame!