Young Scooter Talks Possibility of Signing to YMCMB

via @djvip510

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  • AK

    whats with him pick a camp and stick to it, first he was freebands than bricksquad 1017 than back to freebands now he he wants ymcmb… where is the loyalty

  • Lil Chainz

    Wasnt he with freebandz…..and gucci mane 1017 wow gucci losing all his artist first waka then young thug now scooter

  • RapItUp

    He was kind of simultaneously working with both 1017 and freebandz.. So it’s not like he jumped multi sets.. And while I don’t agree with this move, he’s had linkage to Baby for some time now so this isn’t completely left field

  • shoon1

    Gucci still making money off these ungrateful ass niggas (waka, scooter, yung gay thug).. soon as a nigga fall a lil bit they ready to jump ship

  • richard_b_hard

    Oh well he might as well go to ymcmb,birdman could always use a new bitch!