Wildstyle Reunion


5 Freddy recently

hosted the Wildstyle Reunion party in Los Angeles, at the Hollywood

Athletic Club. The reunion drew about 350 people, where they watched

the pioneering movie, Wildstyle, and watched the Hip-Hop stars

of the past perform. Grandmaster Flash, Busy B, and Crazy Legs

from The Rocksteady Crew all performed at the event. Tony Harris,

the promoter of the event said that the reason we are witnessing

the revival of Breakdancing, and the actual art of emceeing, is

because many Hip-Hop fans are turned off by contemporary Hip-Hop

and the violence, and negative images it portrays. "The essence

of it is, let’s have a good time, let’s party, let’s create, let’s

vibe with it, without the extra stuff in, just to make it sell."

Said Grandmaster Caz. Words of wisdom, no doubt!

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