Pepsi Backpeddling On Settlement?

Last night on Fox’s "The Bill O’Reilly Show,"

representatives for Pepsi implied that they would not be donating money to Ludacris’

foundation, as they verbally agreed to earlier this week to avert a boycott

of their company.

Russell Simmons, head of the Hip-Hop Action Network

and President Minister Ben Muhammad said that Pepsi had been dragging their

heels in drafting the formal paper work with the terms that each party agreed


"It appears, although not officially, that

Pepsi may be trying to backstep on its commitment," Muhammad told

"Currently, the officials at Pepsi claim they will have something for us


Simmons said that he is giving Pepsi until noon

today (Feb. 13) to produce paper work with terms of Pepsi’s commitment. A press

conference to announce the results is scheduled around 2:00 PM.

Pepsi issued a statement yesterday, saying: "We’ve

come to an agreement where the common ground is young people. We’re working

together on a multiyear, multi-city effort that will encourage kids to express

their creativity in the visual and performing arts."

"What they said on Bill O’Reilly last night

was at variance from what they committed to Russell. We not going to be played

that way."

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