Naughty Cancels Africa Show Due To War

Naughty By Nature was planning to go back to Africa as they had previously in 2001’s historical concert in Nigeria. However the group and their rap crew unanimously voted against a planned performance in Ghana later this month because of the war-like climate in the world.

The U.S.-led war on Iraq may not completely prevent Naughty from visiting their motherland though – as they are postponing it with the expectation of resuming their plans once the confrontation subsides.

A representative for the group explained how things seemed to change suddenly.

“We’ll remain in the good old USA. Up to today (April 11) it seemed as though everyone was on-board, but I guess you can’t take the chance of a

major trip right now,” the rep said. “War is real. No land is safe.”

December 2001 marked the group’s first concert in Nigeria, something no other hip-hop act had done at the time.’s African correspondent Moses Onifade relayed the countries sentiments in a feature written in January of 2002.

“It was beyond the wildest dreams of hip-hop heads in Nigeria to have an era where by they are not just listening or watching their favorite artist on TV, but they could feel and see them rock the mic live,” Onifade said. “…it was the greatest mind blowing show that will linger in the memories of so many Hip-hop loving Nigerians that came to see Naughty By Nature live.”

Nevertheless, yesterday Vinnie and Treach were interviewed by VH-1 and a special, “One

Hundred Greatest Songs of the Last 25 years,” where their hip-hop anthem “OPP” was among the finalist.

In addition, Treach is crafting his solo album and working on unnamed film projects. And Vin-Rock is reportedly working on some movie efforts as well. No word on when the next Naughty By Nature album would drop.

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