Dame Dash Launches Roc Music

Rell and Anthony Allen will embark on a 7 city tour sponsored by Remy

Martin, to celebrate the launch of Roc Music,

Dame Dash and Jay-Z’s latest musical venture designed to show case R&B,

Alternative, Pop and Rock music.

"Damon and Jay started Roc Music as a label

for music other than hip-hop. Roc-A-Fella Records is known as a rap brand, and

we want to establish Roc Music as it’s own brand," Vice President Kenny

Burns said of the new division.

Rell and Allen Anthony will host the tour and

will also be the first two artists to drop on the Roc Music label.

Other artists on the label include Samantha Ronson

and according to sources, the label is in talks with former Spice Girl, Victoria

"Posh" Beckham.

"Roc Music artists are the kind of true

artists who play live and really connect with their audiences. We’re trying

to build relationships," Burns continued.

Cities and dates are as followed:

* June 15 – Detroit

* June 17 – DC

* June 19 – Miami

* June 22 – LA

* June 25 – ATL

* June 30 – NYC

* July 2 – Chicago

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