Reps For Kanye Deny Reports Of Transatlantic Meal

A Cardiff, Wales

based restaurant that is preparing an expensive meal for rapper Kanye West and

then flying it to New York may be steamed, as representatives for the rapper have

revealed there was never any plans for West to dine on fine cuisine. Reps

for West dismissed reports that a music promotion company paid over $3,900 plus

travel expenses to fly the head chef of the British Raj to Manhattan, where West

and several associates were dine over a business meeting tomorrow (Mar. 7). "The

story is patently false," a representative for Kanye West told

today (Mar. 6). "There is no business meeting on Wednesday. Kanye is in LA

working on his TV show. He doesn’t know about any restaurant in Wales."The

meal, which is reportedly enroute to New York with head chef Kayson Ahmed, consisted

of a specially prepared fish dish, vegetables and other delectables. West

is also in Los Angeles recording new material for his upcoming album Graduation.

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