Webbie, Promoter Clash Over $ 1 Million Lawsuit On Radio

Baton Rogue, Louisiana rapper Webbie confronted the woman behind a $1 million dollar lawsuit yesterday (February 20), during a radio interview in Baltimore, MD.


The incident, which occurred as Webbie appeared on the Big Phat Morning Show on WERQ-FM 92Q Jams in Baltimore, comes amid news of a $1 million dollar lawsuit filed against Webbie and Lil’ Boosie in Federal District Court in Baltimore, MD.


Tracye Stafford, a promoter with Ikon Entertainment, alleges that Webbie, born Webster Gradney, Jr. and rapper Lil’ Boosie, born Torrance Hatch, failed to show up for a scheduled performance at Club Sonar on Dec. 9, 2006.


Although arrangements were made with Stafford to hold a make up concert Jan. 20, 2007 at Club Mate, the rappers failed to honor their contract with the Baltimore promoter by not appearing at the second concert.


Upon hearing that Webbie was on The Big Phat Morning Show, Stafford called the radio station to discuss the case with the rapper.


“I booked him for a date in Dec. of 2006 and he showed up. They came to the show late. They wouldn’t answer the door. They finally came and didn’t have their music. So they shut the show down,” said Stafford, who detailed the motivation behind her lawsuit. “They came to the hotel and said ‘Hey Tray we’ll do another show for free. We apologize.’ We paid for the flight, paid for the hotel, promoted it again to be at Club Mate. They didn’t even bother to get on the plane. They just didn’t show up at all. They kept my money and never called me again. You can’t do that.”


Despite Stafford’s frustration, Webbie couldn’t recall conversing with the Baltimore promoter as he advised her to “talk to the management man.”


“I mean all my business, we handle it right. Just talk to the manager,” Webbie said. “I know that’s not the business I’m in,” the rapper continued. “So that’s why I don’t even play games like that. I used steal purses when I was a little bitty boy. I don’t play with money like that no more. I ain’t did that since I was like a little itty bitty boy. So let’s do it. However you want to do it.”


Stafford disputed the rapper’s claim as she maintained that conversations did take place between her, Webbie and his manager.


“My price is going up as we speak,” Webbie said as he alluded to the current success of his single “Independent,” featuring Lil’ Boosie and Lil’ Phat. The single is currently #2 on Billboard’s Rap Singles chart.


“Basically, she want a million dollars,” Webbie noted. “So how much money we took? How much money you claim we took from you? Thank you. That’s how much it sound like you should be suing for, right. How much money did you lose? How much did you lose? That’s how much money it sound like she should be suing for. A million dollars? Get real. Man turn that s**t off. Get real!”


Stafford did not reveal how much money Webbie allegedly took, but hinted that she had evidence to back up her claims.


In addition to Webbie, Lil’ Boosie and the rappers’ management group, Trill Entertainment and Asylum Records were named as defendants in the lawsuit.


Before ending the interview, Webbie offered to do another show for Stafford for a reduced price.


“I’ma look out for her, ya heard me. I’ma give her a discount. Give me $15 grand. Give me $15 grand and I promise I’ma rock the house,” the rapper said “And the independent women gon be there, the bad chicks. And you best believe it. All the savages, all the hoods they gon be there. It’s gon be hard to get in. Some people will have to sneak through the back.”

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