UPDATE: No Charges For Katt Williams In Walmart Incident

Police in Newnan, County Georgia disputed reports that Katt Williams was arrested yesterday (December 4), after a disturbancet a local Walmart outside of Atlanta.


Authorities received a 911 call yesterday from an unknown individual, who stated that Williams and an unknown group of men had threatened him with a shotgun.


Newnan Deputy Police Chief Rodney Riggs told TMZ.com that although Williams was cuffed and placed in the squad car, he was never charged with a crime and was released at the scene.


Riggs confirmed that a woman and her son were arrested on the scene for disorderly conduct.


He refused to comment on whether or not a shotgun, or any weapons had been found.


On Wednesday (December 2), Williams was arrested because of a bond issue connected to his burglary and trespassing counts the comedian was charged with earlier this month.

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