Walmart Underfire For Hip-Hop, Black History Month Selections

(AllHipHop News) Wal-Mart is being scrutinized for its decision to include a number of Hip-Hop documentaries in promotional displays for Black History Month, while rejecting a documentary on the history of blacks in the military. According to a report in The Chicago-Sun Times, the retailing giant rejected For Love of Liberty: The Story of America’s Patriots, a four-hour documentary by Frank Martin, from displays promoting Black History Month.

Th project, which took Martin 10 years to complete, is hosted by Halle Berry and narrated by Avery Brooks.

A number of top Hollywood actors appear in the documentary, including John Travolta, Danny Glover, Walter Kronkite, Angela Bassett, and the late Ossie Davis.

Wal-Mart is displaying DVD’s like Ice Cube’s The Player’s Club and Thug Angel – Tupac Shakur.“To not include that but to include the gangster rap things just seems crazy to me,” Martin told The Chicago-Sun Times. “It just defies logic. At a time when we need to influence young people with positive things, why would they not carry this amazing story?”

Wal-Mart based its decision on sales, price and release date according to a spokeswoman.

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