Hip-Hop Rumors: Diggy’s Album Underway! Usher’s Ex Stalking Him? Micheals Monster, Real Or Fake?


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Diggy Simmons has formally started the process to getting an album on the market. YEP. The young son of Run is reportedly working feverishly with a strong team around him to get it together on the album tip. I can’t say much more, other than all the players are fresh and new. No release date is known at this time.Speaking of Diggy, he escorted Lil Wayne’s daughter to her 12th birthday. How cool!

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Apparently, Usher’s ex-wife Tameka brought the pain to Usher’s recent concert. I mean pain as in his little son. She reportedly tried to get back stage of the concert and was promptly denied, son and all. No DICE. Nobody knows why she did that, but it sure got headlines. Did she try to use her son? I hope not, because that would be a slimly move to say the least.


Here is Diddy talking about why his album has taken so long.

“We pushed our album back a bunch of times because we felt, to be honest, we weren’t ready. I think a lot of times artists make that mistake. They get locked into a date and they’re like, ‘Well, I told everybody my date was this.’ … And it’s not fair to change your date four times like we did…We’re sorry. But at the same time, we had to get to know each other better. We had more work to do to jell. We had to do different things on the album to make it more balanced and really finish the story the right way, not the selfish way. We feel comfortable now that we’re telling the story in the way it’s supposed to be told.”


Shyne was hoping to get on Cash Money Records, but it looks like that’s not possible. Baby and Slim shot that down in a recent interview with XXL magazine.

“I spoke to Shyne once or twice,” the New Orleans entrepreneur told XXL. “I don’t really know his situation with Def Jam, but we didn’t really have a chance to come around to the business part. But I got respect for what he’s doin’ and what he is tryna do. We haven’t got around to do no business yet, but you never know.”


A lot of people are talking about this song and whether or not it is the real MJ. On the real, it sounds like vintage Michael Jackson, as in the beat sounds like its from the 90’s. And then there is the 50 Cent part. Real talk, 50 KILLED IT. LOL!!!! There are definitely some adlibs that sound straight up fake. They should have used old MJ adlibs instead.


The man is evil. They are going to make Wesley Snipes spend the X-Mas holiday behind bars. Dude didn’t know what his evil accountant was doing!

Alicia Keys is alive. Glad to have you back.


Man’s house burns down and he doesn’t care. When he comes down from that high, he probably will.


Here is the full shoot!

Here are a few pics from Rihanna’s recent photo shoot for, UK’s GQ magazine in their Jan 2011 issue.











Rick Ross talks about Young Jeezy and he’s not looking to squash the beef.Source:  Has the phone call between you and Young Jeezy take place yet?

    Rick Ross:  Nah. That hasn’t happened. It’s nothing I’m looking forward to.   Source: You guys have worked together before. It seemed the camaraderie between you two was genuine. The last summer he put out his own “B.M.F.” freestyle, but told me personally it wasn’t abbot you. Did you feel disrespected?  Rick Ross:  I’m not sure what was going on. [the freestyle] was most definitely [disrespectful], whatever it was. Then the explanations seemed sideways, less than G.  Source: What’s more surprising; a diss records by somebody you were cool with or by somebody you don’t know?’    Rick Ross:  It’s most definitely when we always touching distance from each other. I’m tight here. It’s not like I’m in Miami and you in New York. We see each other. That’s the only issue I had. It was sideways. So i made a record, “Summer’s Mine” just to [let him know], if we gonna play that sport, let’s put it on the table like men. If it was just a freestyle that the world took the wrong way, leave it alone. That’s how I took it.   Source: An added twist is that you and Jeezy are both on Def Jam. Did you ever get a call from L.A Reid saying “Hey, let’s not let this get out of hand?”    Rick Ross:  I don’t accept those kinda calls. I think they know that would have been an exercise in futility. Whatever it’s gonna be, it’s gonna be. If we gonna get money, we gonna get money. If it’s pressure, just put it on the table. I feel no way. I had nothing but love for the homie, but if me getting money in the streets or making music offended you, I can’t help that.


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