Hip-Hop Rumors: Finally A Black James Bond?

Lookie here, its time that we get some dag-on equity in the Bond series! Its time for a 007 Barack Obama and when I say that I mean, its time for the Jackie Robinson of Bonds. If you don’t get my drift, then let me make it clear. There has never been a Bond that was not a white man! Well, a few years ago, Diddy lobbied to be the first Black Bond and the Bad Boy almost made us think he could do it. Then this happened:

But I have no qualm with Daniel Craig, and the new movie looks great. But shouldn’t Idris Elba get a shot? That’s the rumor. Idris will be the next James Bond or 007. Whatever the hell. Nevertheless, I think he should be given the opportunity, even though “purists” will certainly scream foul. What do you think?

idris elba talks playing james bond

By the way, this rumor isn’t very new, but recently was resurrected. YOLO doesn’t apply to rumors.

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