Hip-Hop Rumors: Freeway’s New Business Venture Will Help Rick Ross!

Freeway and Rick Ross have a couple of enduring relationships in the game! What you may say? First they are both named after the great drug runner Freeway Ricky Ross. But, what is number two you may say. Well, two is that they are proud members of the beard gang. I don’t know if Rozay is official, but he is by default with that big burly beard.

So, I got word that Freeway is about to put out on the market some beard lotion for all the dudes in Philly and beyond! This will moisturize those scruffy beards. I think AHH’s Grouchy Greg may be a candidate for this as well! Peep!

Anyway! Support rappers with businesses! Here is Freeway’s pitch!

“It’s been scientifically proven that the ladies love a #ManBeard. If you’re facial hair hasn’t reached its full potential then Freeway’s #ManBeard Lotion is gonna change your life. Lookout for the infomercial dropping tomorrow!! #TeamEarly”

He may need a new graphic designer, but other than that – DOPE!

Illseed, Out.


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