9 Years of Struggle: The Faces That Made Trey Songz Famous

The R&B singer proves that if anyone’s going to cause a ruckus about the release of unflattering images, it shouldn’t be Beyonce.

With the release of “Fumble”, the fifth single off his fifth album Chapter V, singer Trey Songz knows how to outdo himself every single time. And while we’re talking about his music, we’re also referring to those funny little faces he likes to make.

The year was 2005. Mario was seeing the biggest hit of his career with “Let Me Love You”, a song that turned out to be bigger for Ne-Yo than it was for ‘Ro. Bobby V cashed in on the success of “Slow Down” and Chris Brown and Rihanna had yet to meet.


But deep down, in the crevices of the R&B pulpit, lied a really good singer who looked more like a rapper. His name? Trey Songz. With a z. And, unlike his counterparts, Songz sported a du-rag and a tank top and it was as though he’d found power in the presentation of painful-looking facial expressions.

Here, we take a look at the man who popularized the struggle face way before Beyonce:

2005. In the beginning, all he had was a dollar and a dream. output_VMU0jF

2006. But then someone got paid the next Friday. SUMMER GIF

2007. And the du-rag was lifted, to strong reluctance. CANT HELP GIF

2008. No! No! No! LAST TIME GIF

2009. Then, he called it “love faces”… PEEK A BOO GIF

2010. And tackled an innocent chair: TACKLE CHAIR GIF

2011. He didn’t mean to hurt, the chair. BYE GIF

2012. But then Kelly tried to out-face him in his own video. KELLY AND SONGZ

2013. Oooooh! But Trey wasn’t having it. FUMBLE GIF


Which is your favorite Trey Songz moment?

LATEST VIDEO: “Fumble” by Trey Songz

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRY_5Fh4Lns]

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