Exclusive: T-Pain and Brianna Perry on Set of ‘Mascara Tears’ Music Video

(AllHipHop News) The Poe Boy Princess, Brianna Perry, stepped out with T-Pain in Miami to shoot the official music video for their collaboration ‘Mascara Tears’ off her most recent mixtape Symphony #9. AllHipHop was on the scene to talk to both artists about working together.

“It’s a real special record,” says Brianna. “It’s my first time doing this kind of record…giving my aspect on certain kind of females who experience these kinds of problems, they let these dudes trick them and lie to them an they sell themselves short.”

Brianna also touched on working with T-Pain “T-Pain is so wild an crazy, you never know what to expect and he’s also very talented , I loved what he did on the record.”

Seems like Brianna left a great impression on T-Pain as well.

“She’s a great artist, dope rapper. Rap doesn’t have a Gender, we’re just basically elevating the whole rap game right now with good lyrics and lyrics that actually make sense right now. She actually has bars.”

Check Out the AllHipHop.com Exclusive Behind the Scenes of ‘Mascara Tears’ Featuring Brianna and T-Pain

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S78iq_54mo8]

To download Brianna Perry Mixtape Symphony #9 Click Here.

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