The Best Hip Hop-Inspired Halloween Costumes (So Far)

A Happy Halloween from AllHipHop to you and your family(or just your candy-obsessed self). What do you get when you combine social media with Hip Hop and a day dedicated to assuming another identity? Public displays of people impersonating Hip Hop artists.

While there have been some distasteful costumes as of late (Blackface is NOT a costume), Halloween usually displays the ingenuity and craftsmanship of average people. Two traits that are integral to Hip Hop.

The meme gold that was Drake’s Nothing Was The Same cover unsurprisingly translated into equally as inventive pieces of comedy:

Some people found creative ways to enjoy Hip Hop and the candy of Halloween at the same damn time:

Others were simply different:

And as the advent of social media has taught us, celebrities are people too and  like people, celebrities want to be rappers:

Check back later tonight as more costumes are revealed.

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