EXCLUSIVE: Rocko Explains "Poet" Mixtape Is Paying Homage To Maya Angelou

Rocko speaks on his recently released mixtape Poet. The ATL rapper released the mixtape days after the passing of the great poet Maya Angelou. Rocko mentions that he did this to pa homage to the great America poet.

“It wasn’t a situation where I was trying to capitalize on her death, it was more a tribute to her and paying homage to everything she brought as far as her poetry…”

The timing of the release coincided with her death because Propane, Rocko’s business partner, suggested the idea. Rock continues by stating …

“This year, its a situation that if it’s an idea, we are going to move on every idea that come, because ideas they come and if you wait too long, you might miss it, The thrill might be gone.”

Take a look at our video interview of Rocko paying homage to the great Maya Angelou.



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