Kendrick Lamar Talks Wanting To Work With Taylor Swift (VIDEO)

Kendrick Lamar’s comments in his Billboard magazine cover story may have caused quite a stir on Twitter, but it may have brought him a step closer to collaborating with Taylor Swift. In her own Billboard cover story, Swift gushed about how much of a fan she was of Lamar’s and now the Compton spitter has shown that the feeling is mutual.

In a video, the good kid talks about the possibility of him hopping in the studio with the “Shake It Off” singer after watching her spit “Backseat Freestyle” word for word and listening to her chat about her wishing she was his best friend.

“Talented artist. She’s passionate about her craft,” K. Dot said. “I think it’s this: when you put two people in the studio we all have to have the same type of passion in the music in order for it to be right. It gotta make sense. It’s not really just about the names. It’s about where we are sonically and creatively to push out the best music.”

Watch the video below and read the full cover story here.

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