Kendrick Lamar Confirms Engagement To Longtime Girlfriend (VIDEO)

Kendrick Lamar is known to keep quiet about his personal life but he did open up a little during his visit to The Breakfast Club. Last week, the rumor mill went to work when a picture showed his longtime girlfriend Whitney Alford with a diamond ring on her left hand’s ring finger. The “King Kunta” rapper confirmed that he was indeed engaged.

“At the end of the day you want to always have loyal people around you whether it’s male or female,” said the 27-year-old. “Everybody that has been around me they been around me since day one and I can’t change that. I always show respect where respect has been given. People have been by your side, you’re supposed to honor that.”

kendrick lamar whitney alford engaged

Look closely to see the diamond ring on Alford’s finger


Alford is Kendrick’s high school sweetheart and the couple has reportedly been going strong for 10 years.

K. Dot also spoke about the interview he did with Tupac at the end of the “Mortal Man” track on To Pimp A Butterfly. He said he got the audio from someone in Germany and knew that it would fit the album perfectly.

“Tupac was a prophet and everything he was talking about is going on today and that right there just sparked the idea immediately for what I was talking about in my record.”

Peep the interview below.

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18 Responses to “Kendrick Lamar Confirms Engagement To Longtime Girlfriend (VIDEO)”

  1. docjambeats

    That’s the way to do it. Makes no sense to marry some broad you met AFTER you made your million when you’ve had one down from day one. Congratulations to them both.

  2. 5% Hov

    Kendrick is the Nas.
    TPAB is the new “Untitled”
    Hot 97 (for once) actually did the better interview.

  3. therealest1

    At least this guy had common sense not to marry a known hoe like Amber Rose or have a kid out of wedlock with a stripper like Tyga did with Blac Chyna.

  4. 5% Hov

    How ALL TMZ turn this interview into an engagement announcement?>?

    Did they ignore all the knowledge in this interview to give us this weak headline.

  5. hoeyuno

    I have mad respect for rappers who have made it and keep the women who was holding him down before the money and fame. Cause you know there is a lot of women who got dropped as soon as their man was fuccing nasty ass katt stacks type bitches. Snoop, E-40 even that lil durk…

  6. Markus

    This was so much more than an engagement announcement. The focus should have been on the development of this new album and more importantly dude’s progression from his debut to now. And when you have someone clearly setting himself apart from the buffoonery usually associated with today’s rap,you praise the artist. Not just his choice in fiancees.

  7. Q.

    Good look. He drafted his breezy in the D-League and now she’s about to start in the majors. That’s how you build a winning team.

  8. BullsFan4Life29

    Congrats to Kendrick Lamar on getting engaged to his girlfriend and I wish them the best in their future.

  9. The Legendary Troll

    He on top of the world right now. Just dont get into no scandels so the media can rip you apart. never confuse the flashing lights for your friends

  10. Guest


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