Black Ink Crew From VH1 Faces Lawsuit (VIDEO)

A woman who came to New York City from South Carolina to be tattooed by an artist from VH1’s  Black Ink Crew claims that she has been left scarred by her tattoo, PIX 11 reports.

Asabi Barner, 30, said she wanted to get a tattoo to cover up two tattoos, a unicorn and a horseshoe, that she had gotten done when she was 18-years-old. Barner had gotten a chest piece that read “Phenomenal” that also covered her breast. The next day she said that her skin on her left breast began to secrete a clear pus and when she visited a South Carolina tattoo shop to get an artist’s opinion they said her skin was “overworked.”

Barner told PIX 11 that her skin often burns and itches and that she now has keloids. She said she consulted a plastic surgeon who told her surgery would worsen the damage.

She has slapped Black Ink with a lawsuit for being negligent, reckless and careless. Barner did not disclose which tattoo artist did her tattoo.

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