Rachel Dolezal Says Parents Outed Her Because She Encouraged Sister To Accuse Brother Of Molestation

Rachel Dolezal believes that her parents exposed her as a white woman passing for a black woman because she encouraged her older sister to press charges against their older brother who she said molested them both, TMZ reports.

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Dolezal’s older brother, Joshua, is facing four counts of sexual assault regarding accusations that he molested his sister Esther when she was 6-years-old and Rachel when she was 16 or 17-years-old. In the court documents, a 1991 incident is described where Joshua threw Rachel to the ground pulled up her shirt and sexually assaulted her. He allegedly also showed her pictures of topless African-American women in  a National Geographic magazine and told her he masturbated to them.

Esther was also motivated to come forward after being concerned for the well-being of his newborn daughter, the Denver Post reports.

Joshua Dolezal is awaiting trial.

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