Is The Kendrick Lamar / J. Cole Mixtape A Fake?

Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole are rumored to be putting out a mixtape called. Reminiscing. But is it real? A lot of people that we have talked to have said this is the figment of the internet. And it just happens to come out on the heels of Drake and Future? Anyway, most people that are not fanatically tied to the concept don’t think this is real, as official as it appears to be. Hell, I hope it is real!

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32 Responses to “Is The Kendrick Lamar / J. Cole Mixtape A Fake?”

  1. Good Dick, M.A.A.D Pussy

    I surely hope it’s not just some B.S

    But the bigger question is: Is Cole mentally and emotionally stable enough to handle those bars on every track from Kendrick??!

    Hope he didnt kill em every track lol

  2. Good Dick, M.A.A.D Pussy

    Cole look like the nigga that came into class at the very end, smelling like loud and jotted the answers down from his neighbor

    Got his degree though #respect

  3. Emcee Combs

    If it was real, then we would know it, because they would be talking about it and confirming that shit! You think they’re not gonna confirm what would be one of the biggest projects in the last few years?

  4. Emcee Combs

    weren’t these guys supposed to be working on an album like way back? I think if they do drop something, it is gonna be an official album.

  5. Nemesis_Enforcer

    All you have to do to prove it real or fake is find the origin of the photos. If these are real photos that exist elsewhere (and I feel like I’ve seen the Kendrick one before) then this is fake. People don’t re-use old photos for new projects.

    • Weedras

      exactly the photos in the background are both years old… and both Cole and Kendrick’s current photos are from separate shoots and were photoshopped together

      • SupaDoopaGhost1

        Right. K.Dot’s shot is from “i” and Cole’s is from promo for his collab with Bally. He has on the boots he designed in the pic.


    There definitely is an air of truth about this!!! Just after Kendrick Lamar released Section 80 I remember an interview with J Cole saying they had completed about 4 – 6 songs already for a joint project but had no idea what label they would release it on when they finally completed it. He also said because K.Dot was out west & he was touring they rarely had time to get in the studio & create new songs!

  7. Huggie Pacino

    Think people….those background photo’s from both guys are OLD
    They would not put those on a cover even though the concept is nice but reminiscing isn’t something they would call it….they never done this before!

  8. Chyze

    I would pay 4 this off the strength of J. Cole. Dude is dope and actually says real shyt….it’s rare 2 find substance these days. Usually just punchlines 4 the sake of needing a punchline with most cats in this era. Cole will make Kendrick come back from this Lupe type of backpack rap he been on. Gimme the G.O.O.D. kid K Dot over this new shyt he putting out. Not garbage…..just not 4 me. Downloaded Drake and Future 4 free and it was worth free.99

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