DJ Paul: Da Mafia 6ix Didn’t Tour With Actual Lord Infamous Casket (Video)

Photo Credit: Instagram

(AllHipHop News) DJ Paul, a founding member of Three 6 Mafia, and current member of Da Mafia 6ix, opened up about its last tour, Triple 6ix Sinners Tour. The tour’s mystique was heightened by the notion that Lord Infamous’ coffin would appear at each venue. “The casket wasn’t his real casket,” proclaimed the classic MC. “It was just a wooden box that I got made that looked cool…”The legendary artist goes on to explain that mere wooden box did not compare to the $15,000 which was spent on Lord Infamous’ real casket.

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The Oscar winner then explained what eventually happened to the casket. At the tour’s culmination the faux casket was given to son of the neighbor who helped DJ Paul create the coffin. “It was funny. People was trippin’. ‘Are you really bringing Lord Infamous’ casket out on stage?’ I’m like ‘[We] can’t really do that,” reported DJ Smallz.

Check out the full video and find out what he describes as the favorite memory that he shared with Lord Infamous.


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