Ghostface Killah On Shkreli Buying Wu-Tang LP: Let The People Hear It!

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(AllHipHop News) Earlier today (Jan. 22), while in downtown Los Angeles, Ghostface Killah explained his thoughts on Martin Shkreli purchasing the Wu-Tang Clan’s latest release, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin. “What you gonna hold it for 88 years for?” he questioned TMZ.

It was immediately apparent that the iconic MC had more to say about Shkreli’s scruples. Martin’s big bank account helped to secure the purchase of the $2 M album. “Yeah, that sh*thead bought it; f*ck him,” he blasted. Ghost then proceeded to look deeper into Shkreli’s perceived character.

“You don’t take an A.I.D.S. pill that you have for — what, I guess $7 — and then like make it $800. You don’t do that like that. I don’t care if you bought the Wu-Tang album,” was his stark statement. Ghostface Killah went on to clarify that he hasn’t met Martin, but he still doesn’t agree with his opportunistic actions, “that’s not right.”

With a resigned reply, Pretty Toney then shared his thoughts on Once Upon a Time in Shaolin not being accessible to the public. He challenged, “then what you gonna do it for,” demonstrating that music is made for public consumption.

“Right now, it’s out of my hands. It’s whatever; I don’t know about it,” he said.

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32 Responses to “Ghostface Killah On Shkreli Buying Wu-Tang LP: Let The People Hear It!”

  1. Dgrlzmsuga

    Fuk You Killah! You guys went into this project with the idea it was a piece of Art. Now you don’t see the winner of an Art Auction allowing the world to put his painting on their wall for a day now do you? It never happens. You created Art, you got paid, now let that man do whatever he wants to do with your Art. Listen to it, use it as a weed plate, mix it, get his ass doggy fuk to it, it’s his. And questioning his values for money? Isn’t that like calling the kettle black? Something is only worth as much as someone else is willing to pay for it. You guys didn’t care about your fans listening to this album. If you did, you wouldn’t have sold it to the highest bidder. You would have put it out and let the world ‘bid’ on it by buying it. But you didn’t. So sit the fuk down.

    • King Cole

      Actually they were never told what the songs were for and didn’t even find out about the point of the project until a few months before it was sold. Method Man found out about the 88 years part while being interviewed on Hot 97, It was RZA and Cilvirings that put this project together so blame them and not the Ghost who is just going to get a check at some point.

      • Dgrlzmsuga

        No matter. He’s biting the hand that fed them. They sold it for 2 million. They agreed to the conditions. I get it. He’s upset because the buyer is salty and morally reprehensible, so he’s distancing himself from it. But you still don’t come out saying that the Collector should diminish the value of his collection by releasing it. If they want, they can start a fan petition/crowd founding initiative to buy it back for 2 million and release it to everyone. That’s better than saying dude should release it for free when they weren’t willing to do so. They obviously felt it wasn’t worth more than what they got for it.

  2. Smashit

    Ghost usually on-point but this time he throwing up bricks – the sh*t he talking should have been discussed with RZA before they made it and agreed to let it be sold the way it was sold – I bet he took his share of the money

    • that dude

      Nah, if you look back at the recording process. Rae, Ghost and Meth had a problem with RZA for not getting paid enough for contributing. RZA chalked it up as “we supposed to be family, not about the money” bull shit then sells the album for 2 million. That’s RZA’s money, they got some shorts for dropping their verses on that album.

  3. ZUBU

    Yeah we know it was RZA’s idea to call it a piece of art and place those conditions on it in regard to releasing it when we’re all dead. The rest of the WU went along with it and I’m sure everyone got whatever their share was, so it is what it is…..
    Now the guy who bought it is shady as fukk, Ghost is true with that all day, but what can you do its his shiitt now……..

    • that dude

      They kinda had no choice, remember when Rae and RZA was beefing in interviews? This was all RZA, the main dudes Rae, Ghost and Meth wasn’t feeling this idea and didn’t get compensated enough for their participation then this dude sells it for 2 million, like he really needs the money. Then acts like the other members are actin’ funny. Smh….He actually shouldn’t of sold it to that piece of shit, but I guess it wasn’t about the money. RZA lost his principles on this one.

      • Frank

        The dude Cilveringz produced it. I bet it’s a lot of money for him and the Diggs family but I don’t think the brothers are getting a share of $2M. They prolly got paid like a regular album. (although that might be a $2M album cost anyway with all 8, RIP ODB)

        To me it just sound like RZA cosigned it and prolly helped out a lil bit. It’s definitely strange as a Wu fan but they do what they do. We just hear about it mad later.

      • ZUBU

        Yeah I recall Rae and RZA having some money issues, Rae was like we gotta get the business end right and I don’t blame him. RZA sort of formed the WU and did most or all of the early production, so I think he always ate better than the rest of the Clan.. RZA was always a bit different even doing the Bobby Digital days, but his music was on point…… Now years later he stealing from the Clan, and telling Black youth to dress so they don’t get shot…. RZA went Hollyweird……..

      • Dgrlzmsuga

        So watcha saying is that in jail, Rae, Ghost and Meth would be Rza’s bitches? Got it. That’s all you had to say.

  4. josh

    I’m sure they got their share of the money and they agreed on the situation so you can’t complain it’s a shitty situation but you put yourselves in it if you didn’t want no one to hear it than you shouldn’t of been a part of it or you should’ve fought harder for it. You made the contact out and agreed to it and didn’t look into the asshole that you sold it to the guy isn’t going to buy it for 2 million just to share it with everyone

  5. drtybirds5

    Is he going to eat the PBnJ sandwich? Lmao!! Looks like strawberry jelly my fav!!!

    On topic though it’s too late to be saying this shit now! They should’ve never sold it the way they did. The public made the wu popular. Why would you make music for one person specifically? Art?? Doubt it. Trying too hard to be different? Ding ding ding

  6. The Legendary Troll

    You sh*theads are the one who sold the album for 2 mill. No different than what he did with the A.I.D.S pill. Pot calling the kettle black

    • Q.

      Incaccurate. Shkreli bid on the album as fine art–not the same thing as holding a monopoly and price gouging LIFE-SAVING drugs. Apples and watermelons!

  7. Tonofhiphop

    I mean, to tell you the truth I don’t understand why they tallking all that smack, I’m referring to what Ghost face Killa had to say in this interview, at first your all was aware about dude buying your album, all the WU was ok with it, after the man gave your 2m, all of the sudden your wanna talk slick about him. When he was on the streets you kept your mouth close, now his locked up, now ghost face wanna talk slick, I did not hear Killa P. say anything, but ghost face and all of the rest of the wu need to shut the hell up, your got your little share take it and be happy, plus stop talking slick about the Martin Shkreli. If it was not for Martin Shkreli, the truth is, they know it, there was no one, I mean no one on this planet that would of buy that album for 2m. Certain people you just can’t do business with them.

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