Former NBA Player Daniel “Booby” Gibson Reportedly Set To Join ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Cast

(AllHipHop News) According to reports, ex-NBA player Daniel “Booby” Gibson is set to be part of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. This will be a return to reality television for Gibson. He once starred on the BET series Keyshia & Daniel: Family First with his now estranged wife R&B singer Keyshia Cole.

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Gibson retired from professional basketball to focus on building a career as a rap artist. The 29-year-old former Cleveland Cavaliers guard would be joining a LHHH cast with music performers Ray J, Soulja Boy, and Lil Fizz of B2K.

While it appears Gibson is ready to take his talents to Hollywood, his move to music is set to include a new song featuring singer-songwriter Elijah Blake. Booby announced “F*ck U Mean” will be released on his birthday which is February 27.

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29 Responses to “Former NBA Player Daniel “Booby” Gibson Reportedly Set To Join ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Cast”

  1. Celz

    Homie will make more money in the D League than he will rapping. Niccas don’t get it. You can’t make money off rap until you can convince broke kids to spend money on you. Only exception is being a really good opening act that gets booked on tours, but who’s shooting for that. And that’s hard to do and still not much money..

    • therealest1

      That’s a great idea if Daniel Gibson would listen to you. But he’s clearly either too idiotic or delusional or both to listen.

      You’re right about playing ball in foreign countries. It’s a great second career or backup plan for anyone playing ball professionally although of course everyone wants to be in the NBA since it’s the most elite professional basketball league period.

      A lot of lower tier American players actually get more attention and opportunity overseas than they would in the NBA.

      Although he’s a former All-Star, Stephon Marbury is constantly a good example because he went to China when his NBA career fizzled out. He already won a championship with a China based team and already even got a statue of him erected for that!

      • Gasner Duke-Diesel

        It worked out well for Marbury but thats not always the case for others and beside these guys need attention that only the nba can provide.

    • W.E.B. Du Bois

      he is a good specialist , ball handler and perimeter defender , you don’t gotta have all good basketball skills to be needed in the nba

    • therealest1

      Work on your shitty grammar, it’s must have.

      I believe most of us have common sense to know that if he left the NBA to rap, he wasn’t good enough to stay in the league.


        Who are you the grammar police? Work on your life son & don’t worry about others.

      • therealest1

        Work on your common sense. No need to type shit people can already deduce.


        Work on yourself son. No one is asking you for your opinions. I have more common sense is my left nut than your entire brain, f*ck boy….

      • therealest1

        No one is asking you to post shit people can already figure out.

        “common sense is my left nut”, what the f%ck was that loser?

  2. STEPH

    This backwards ass nigga retired at 29, or did anybody want to even sign this nig-a. The average salary in the NBA is 5 million dollars…..Compare that to what rap artist make (which isn’t hardly shit that’s why they’re always exaggerating the shit they rap about, how many cars they have, how much bread they have etc…) This boy better come out the gates hotter than Drake other than that he’s made an awful decision. I’m sure he’ll be having stacks of cash in his videos, and a cold ass whip but all that is coming from the bread he made in the league, which he’ll burn through quick in Hollywood.

  3. therealest1

    Talk about a huge ass drop-off, he began his NBA career with a legitimate superstar in LeBron James and had a some playoff runs. He even got attention based on the fact he played with a superstar in some good Cavs teams.

    But he got involved with a ghetto ass bitch in Keyshia Cole in his personal life and put their shits in a reality show. Legitimate ballplayers don’t do shit like that even if they’re not big names like LeBron James is. That’s just a desperate cry for attention since he was in James’ shadow on that team and he also needed attention when James left since the team was instantly irrelevant.

    Now he expects to become an instant rap star trying to fulfill a dream that a lot of ballplayers have. Playing ball professionally since he already had that option is way better than being a rapper. It seems like this guy’s career has been predicated on seeking attention with him being with Keyshia Cole and now trying to rap.

    I guess this clown is too bougie or just too good to play overseas huh?

  4. WhenWillTheyShoot71

    D Lillard of the Portland Trailblazers is colder than any of these basketball players,former or current he has serious bars.

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